Colosseo EAS

ColosseoEAS is an internationally leading company that specialises in LED design, multimedia and sta-tistic solutions for sports facilities.
Colosseo products enable stadium operators to put on an excellent show of the highest level for any event.

Colosseo provides the following products:

  • Game presentation for sports facilities:
  • Single media platform
  • Production video switchers
  • Instant replays controllers
  • LED scoreboards
  • Show manager
  • Smart phones
  • Interactive IPTV
  • Infotainment
  • Game control and statistics for sport:
  • Timing and scoring
  • Video goal judge
  • Sport accessories
  • Player tracking
  • Security for sports facilities:
  • Ticketing and cashless payment
  • Facial recognition/biometrics
  • Revolving doors and access control