Theater Basel

Project Description

Starting Point

In connection with the renovation of the Theater Basel, Dr. W.A. Günther AG was commissioned to assist the internal audio engineering department with the modernization of the audio and video installations on the stages.


  • Very tight schedule
  • Renovation only possible during the summer break
  • The modernization of the audio and video installation constitutes only a very small part of the entire project; structural measures, for example, took precedence.
  • A great deal depended on the work of other trades (construction, electrical, carpentry, etc.).
  • Certain structural measures were postponed until 2016, so that many temporary solutions had to be implemented, which were only to be used for a year. And during the 2016 summer break they would have to be installed a second, final time.

In-House Developments/New Developments

On the basis of product evaluations and concepts carried out by the customer over many years, we and our partner Kilchenmann compiled the customer's requests in the final planning documents.
After the theatre's own crew had dismantled the old technology within a few days of the last performance, the installation of the wiring and the audio and video technical equipment could begin.
The prioritisation of work did not take place as usual, on the basis of the schedule or the optimal sequence of installations, but rather had to be continually changed based on the delivery times of the available materials.
As only a few structural changes had been made to the small stage this year, work could proceed there in a relatively independent way. It was possible for the small stage to be brought into operation on schedule with just a few small temporary fixes.
With respect to the large stage, the upgrade of the server room, the heart of the technology, was postponed by the overall project management until 2016. As a result, temporary racks had to be obtained and placed on the unfinished concrete floor. Here too, it was possible to bring the technology into operation in time for the new season. In the coming summer, though, this has to be completely removed once again, so that the server room can be renovated.

Services Provided by Dr. W.A. Günther AG

  • Coordination with the general contractor
  • Project Management
  • Delivery/configuration/training systems from our own inventory (Shure, Studer, Soundcraft)
  • Logistics (stockpiling/just-in-time delivery)


We are off to a good start. Until the technicians no longer have to deal with the temporary measures, though, the work still requires at least the coming summer break!