Stade de Suisse


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Project Description

Starting Point

After about 10 years of operation, the Stade de Suisse was due in 2015 for renovation of its technical equipment. In this connection, the stadium's management sought a partner who understood the requirements of the stadium's operation and could assist with innovative solutions.


As a migration of such magnitude will extend over several years, the project has to be implemented while the regular operation of the stadium continues. This requires thorough planning of the entire design and optimal implementation in stages, so that the continued operation will not be affected. The entire system is divided into different areas, which include, among others, a TV studio, conference technology, LED displays, and public address and emergency exit systems, which must function in coordination with one another.

Project History

After a comprehensive needs and workflow analysis, an overall design was developed. In collaboration with the Stade de Suisse, the subprojects were – and continue to be – prioritized and implemented on the basis of the value added, the feasibility with respect to operations and other work, and the urgency. Implementation is in full swing and will extend over the coming years.

In the first phase, both LED displays on the stadium roof were renovated. The walls were converted from a 4:3 to a 16:9 format and rebuilt. With a pixel pitch of 16 mm, a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels can now be displayed. The LED walls were manufactured and rebuilt by our partner company, Expromo from Denmark.
In a second phase, the parapets of the stands on both long sides of the stadium were equipped with LED panels. The LED panels with a pixel pitch of 10 mm, also from Expromo, extend over a length of 122.4 metres and a height of 80 cm. This results in a resolution of 12,240 x 80 pixels. To allow the combined and interactive use of the LED system as well as the 200 or so displays in the stadium in a way that optimizes personnel costs, the Colosseo media platform was used. In addition to the traditional scoreboard display, the system also makes possible automated scene sequences on all output channels via touch controls. In this context, the studio control room was moved to the location of the stadium announcer on the fourth level, to simplify work processes and communication. Using fibreglass connections, the 19" technology was also repositioned to a new central location.
We are happy to keep you informed about the further progress of the project. To be continued.

Services Provided by Dr. W.A. Günther AG

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With around 32,000 seats, the Stade de Suisse is the second largest football stadium in Switzerland. The public's expectation of spectacular and interactive entertainment is steadily increasing. In addition to the demands on teams, performers and speakers, those on multimedia technology are also increasing. As a stadium partner, we are glad to help and keep our eyes on the ball at all times. Let's go Young Boys!