Somedia AG

Project Description

Starting Point

In connection with the planned construction of a new media building for the Südostschweiz Mediengruppe [Southeast Switzerland Media Group] in Chur, Dr. W.A. Günther AG was commissioned to develop and implement a design for the audio and video technology of Radio Engiadina, Radio Grischa and Tele Südostschweiz.



  • A new feature is the completely virtual production backgrounds
  • First regional TV broadcaster in Switzerland that relies entirely on virtual production, including for talk shows


  • Change of system from DigiMedia to David Systems
  • Replacement of almost 20 years of studio technology
  • Conversion of many manual workflows to automated systems
  • Introduction of a news system, which can also be used for the other media
  • Introduction of a visual radio system to bring radio to television as well

Construction delays meant that various parts of the system had to be installed during construction of the building's shell, as the start of broadcasting could not be moved.

In-House Developments/New Developments

WAG Host Service

With WAG's own host service, all interface-compatible devices are centrally controlled. It involves more than 40 different product groups and over 200 devices. Through the use of the host service, it has become possible for employees to personally configure the very complex system with just a few clicks on their touchpads. In addition, several hundred host service macros run in the background and autonomously control all automated functions.

WAG Workflow Automation System

From simple copying functions, which ensure that the planned video files reach the playout system in time, to the fully automatic transcoding of media files for release on the websites or in other media, the workflow automation system relieves employees of a great number of repetitive work steps.

Project History

After about four years of planning, the project got under way in December 2014 with the installation in the new SOMEDIA building in Chur. By the end of January 2015, the radio broadcast went on air from the new location. In mid-March, TV broadcasts from the new building began. The following months were used to make improvements, to extend the automation and to provide increasingly in-depth training for employees.

Services Provided by Dr. W.A. Günther AG

  • Design
  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Software Development


"The interaction with Dr. W.A. Günther AG was more than a business relationship, otherwise things would not have turned out well. Without the support of WAG, we would not have made it over the rough road to the launch of broadcasting."
Stefan Tscharner – Technical Director Südostschweiz Medien