Shure SystemOn - Audio Asset Management Software

SystemOn Audio Asset Management Software was developed for managing mission-critical or large-scale deployments of Shure audio hardware across corporate and higher education networks from one central platform.

The software tracks battery life, audio levels and RF/spectrum status in real time, enabling IT administrators and AV technicians to monitor and control Shure hardware devices remotely using a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Users can trust SystemOn to detect problems before they become critical, then respond quickly and efficiently, eliminating the need for on-site troubleshooting.


Centralized Monitoring

  • Identifies Shure devices across subnets
  • Provides real-time status of system and device attributes
  • Remotely controls audio gain, muting and RF channel assignments

Remote Response Troubleshooting

  • Instantly notifies the AV/IT administrator of low battery and missing devices  
  • Offers remote muting, device identification, and single-view audio gain adjustment
  • Allows Remote Microflex® Wireless transmitter linking (coming soon)
  • Provides real-time room status for help desk
  • Delivers offline system status notifications via email and SMS text

Simple Configuration

  • Streamline login by selecting users from existing enterprise directories
  • Customize user access and permissions based on user role or location
  • Simplify your setup: the direct link between Shure hardware and software eliminates the need for additional programming
  • Seamless availability of new features and updates
  • Customize and apply software language options to individual account settings